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Послуга косметичного відбілювання зубів стає все більш популярною в усьому світі. Гарну білосніжну посмішку бажають мати усі! І доступною для всіх вона стала завдяки методу косметичного освітлення зубів Pearl Smile. Наразі висвітлити зуби можна абсолютно безболісно без пошкодження зубного емалю. Максимальний ефект всього за 21 хвилину. Вартість послуги – дуже демократична, тому кожний може нею скористатися.


Ultrasonic face cleaning


Ultrasonic face cleaning is a machine cosmetology method allowing to clean the facial skin efficiently and activate its metabolism without violating the tissue integrity and late swells.

Mechanism of action: the ultrasonic vibrations influence the facial skin resulting in the skin cleaning from the surface comedos, sebaceous gland blockage and keratinized derma cells. Ultrasonic vibrations provide a micro-massage effect that helps to activate metabolism and provoke collagen and elastin generation.

Manipulation procedure: ultrasonic cleaning is absolutely painless and comfortable. After the doctor applies special ultrasonic gel on the face skin, he/she moves a special grounding pad around the face. You can feel little micro-vibration on your skin that says about the effective equipment work. The entire manipulation lasts for 10-15 minutes. The course consists of 2-4 manipulations with 3-4 day break between them. You can combine it with other cosmetic methods.

Post-manipulation period: you get back to your regular life immediately after the manipulation. No complications or aftereffects have been described for it.

Indications for ultrasonic cleaning include: enlarged pores, reduced skin tonus and tightness, dull complexion, sebaceous plugs and surface comedos. Counter-indications include oncology, acute skin inflammations, bad co-morbidity, pregnancy and lactation.