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The methods based on the use of the organism’s personal resources are by right considered to be extremely perspective in contemporary medicine. Plasmolifting is one of these methods. It’s a non-surgical face rejuvenation based on the use of the human personal plasma.

Plasmolifting favors:

  1. skin wrinkle smoothing;
  2. skin elasticity and humidity enhancement;
  3. skin tightness and facial contours enhancement;
  4. better complextion.

Plasmolifting is efficient for hair condition:

  1. color brightening;
  2. hair loss treatment;
  3. split ends treatment;
  4. scruff treatment.

Plasmolifting is used to treat:

  1. scars;
  2. acne;
  3. post-acne scars.

Plasmolifting manipulation lasts for about an hour. The next manipulation is performed in 7-10 days. The entire treatment and rejuvenation course consists of 2-4 manipulations.



Plasmolifting is an innovative rejuvenation method based on the use of the organism’s hidden reserves and excludes any rejection effect as the injection substance is made of the patient’s blood plasma without any other additives.


What is the plasmolifting method based on

Plasmolifting is based on the use of the patient’s thrombocyte-enriched blood plasma. These plasma injections activate the growth of fibroblasts that form collagen and elastin as well as hualuronic acid.


Plasmolifting action mechanism

With age, the number of fibroblasts as well as their activity gets lower, so, collagen quantity reduces as well. As a result, skin gets less flexible and tight, it droops, lines and other aging features appear. Plasmolifting or PPP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is thrombocyte-enriched plasma. In their turn, thrombocytes contain growth promoting factor initiating cell division (cytokinesis) and connective tissue regeneration. The growth factor is natural human albumin having very speaking names.

Thrombocytes are the most affordable source of growth factor.

Thrombocyte-enriched plasma contains thrombocytic growth factor (PDGF – Platelet Derived Growth Factor), transforming growth factor (TGF – beta Transforming Growth Factor), Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (МУПА) and Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF).

PRP (plasmolifting) is plasma with thrombocytes concentration exceed the norm many times. I-Stem PRP technology applied in Gracia Aesthetic Medicine Center increases thrombocyte concentration from 200 thousand/mcl up to 1.200 thousand/mcl. Such plasma can force all the processes inside the cells that are vitally important for “emergency repairs” or quick tissue regeneration and enhancement. Some beauty institutes that aren’t equipped with special expensive tools and accessories offer ordinary centrifuged blood plasma injections instead of PRP. Such plasmolifting effect is zero.


How is PRP-plasma collected?

To collect PRP-plasma, the patient’s vein blood is taken and then placed in special sandglass-like test glass (patented) and then – into a special vibratory centrifuge where plasma with thrombocytes is separated from red blood cells. After several centrifuge stages, plasma with extended amount of thrombocytes is taken.


How is plasmolifting performed?

Thrombocyte-enriched plasma is injected intravenous like during mesotherapy.

Millions of thrombocytes injected into the skin start working and react with fibrin making a skeleton of biologically active fibrinous chains inside the skin. Simultaneously, growth factors activate fibroblasts that in their turn stimulate new collagen, elastin and hualuronic acid production as well as new blood vessels formation. Lines and wrinkles smooth, complexion gets more uniform, facial contours improve and the skin gets tighter, younger and brighter. To warn the patients against erroneous conclusions, we should explain: PRP (Platelet-Rich Plama) technology is no way related to stem cells therapy. That is quite a different method.


Who is plasmolifting indicated for?

These injections a mentioned for the patients with all types of skin, of any age or sex. The indications for plasmolifting may be as follows: low skin tightness, tonus loss, lines or wrinkles, unhealthy or dull complextion. Plasmolifting can help to improve the skin quality after photo-aging and quick loss of weight. It results into natural skin rejuvenation, its tightness and complexion get better, wrinkles and lines smooth and aging process slows down. Enriched plasma therapy also brings good results for diabetic, trophic and non-healing wounds.


How quickly does the manipulation bring effect?

One can see rejuvenation effect after the first manipulation. Patients with clinical symptoms of skin aging may need at least three manipulations. Plasmolifting effect is cumulative, i.e. it gets stronger with every manipulation.


Are there any adverse effects?

You can notice some reddening and mild swelling, point hematomas may appear immediately after the manipulation. These symptoms usually disappear during several hours or several days. You can do make up to hide these aftereffects in several hours after the manipulation.


Who cannot use plasmolifting?

Plasmolifting is not advisable for the patients suffering from such diseases as thrombocyte dysfunction syndrome, critical thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenemia, hemodynamic instability, sepsis, acute infections.


Can I use plasmolifting for hair diseases treatment?

Hair loss slows down after the first manipulation and hair follicle necrosis process stops. Sebaceous gland work stabilizes, seborrhea (scurf) production reduces, hairs don’t get thinner anymore and their structure and diameter restore after several manipulations. Depending on the clinical aspects, you may need from two to ten manipulations for lair loss treatment.


How often do you have to take plasmolifting manipulation?

Depending on your skin condition, you may need at least three manipulations once every 3-4 weeks to have an effect that lasts for 1-2 years depending on the patient’s age.


What skin areas plasmolifting is possible for

Injection areas: face, neck, décolleté, breasts and arms. Injections are also possible for other body areas like abdomen, buttocks and inner sides of the thighs.


Can plasmolifting be combined with other manipulations?

Plasmolifting can be combines with such aesthetic medical manipulations as laser pealing, micro-needling, gualuronoplastics, radio-wave technology and thread lifting. All these manipulations intensify regeneration and rejuvenation effect.

Plasmolifting manipulations also help to “recollect” the May of youth and use all your reserves to start your physical processes “re-programming” for the previous younger and biologically active functional level.