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Послуга косметичного відбілювання зубів стає все більш популярною в усьому світі. Гарну білосніжну посмішку бажають мати усі! І доступною для всіх вона стала завдяки методу косметичного освітлення зубів Pearl Smile. Наразі висвітлити зуби можна абсолютно безболісно без пошкодження зубного емалю. Максимальний ефект всього за 21 хвилину. Вартість послуги – дуже демократична, тому кожний може нею скористатися.


Mesotherapy treatment


Mesotherapy is a scientifically based medical method aimed at correcting the skin aesthetic defects and efficient facial and body treatment. It promotes metabolic processes in the cells and fluid removing due to the influence of medical substances and vitamin injections into the skin or subdermis. Mesotherapy is considered one of the most effective moisture, nutrition and regeneration manipulations for the skin and body.

Mechanism of action: intradermal and subdermal injections support the medical substances transportation to 0.5-6 mm depth. Meso-medicine cannot get so deep during external application. All the injected meso-medical substances contain all the necessary vitamins, mineral and biologically active substances supporting maximum mobilization of the human skin and subdermis regeneration processes.

Manipulation procedure: before starting the manipulation, the doctor specifies the method and meso-medicine (meso-cocktail) to be injected to achieve the best effect. Anesthetic ointment is applied on the skin 25 minutes before the manipulation starts. After the anesthetic has been applied to the correction area, the doctor starts medicine injection. You can feel mild tingling that can be compared to the mosquito bite. The manipulation lasts for 20-25 minutes. As it involves the skin damage, it is performed in the specially equipped room that meets all the aseptic and antiseptic standards. The injection aesthetic effect develops gradually with the tissue regeneration. The effect duration depends on the skin condition, correction area, injection method and life factors (sports, sunrays influence, smoking and other social habits).

Post-manipulation period: you can get back to your regular life immediately after the manipulation. The day you take the manipulation you should give up cosmetics, avoid physical exercises, visits to the sauna or staying in the open sun.

Our clinic is the first in Chernovtsy to use Guna medicines (Italy) that are considered one of the best in the world due to their great cleaning effect and therapeutic qualities.

Guna-collagen: stimulation of connective tissue metabolism. This medicine stimulates your own collagen synthesizing in the skin that results in the aesthetic effect of wrinkles and cellulite reduction as well as making your skin more flexible.

Made: it’s a complex medicine on herbal, mineral and animal basis to revitalize your face, neck, décolleté and hands areas. The medicine components have antioxidant, regenerating, metabolic and anti-inflammatory effect as well as aesthetic effect of skin flexibility, wrinkles reduction and complexion perfection.

Omeoformula 1: it’s a balanced medicine for local obesity treatment and prevention. It contains cell metabolism and fat splitting stimulators as well as tissue tonus stimulators activating lipolysis, metabolism and reducing adipose cells hypertrophy.

Omeoformula 2: this medicine is ideal for cellulite treatment and prevention. Its structure contains 24 components effecting cell metabolism and fats hydrolysis as well as stimulating extra fluids micro-circulation and removing.

Omeoformula 3: it’s a balanced medicine with lifting and restorative effect. It stimulates metabolism and activates collagen and elastin synthesis, improves the tissue tonus and trophism.

MD Tissue: this medicine stops physiological aging processes and acts as a barrier against free radicals. It supports the skin moistening and tightening, improves the skin tonus and prevents wrinkling. It contains Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin B6, B2 and B1.

MD Matrix: the medicine is specially developed to improve the body lines. Collagen is the basic medicine ingredient that supports and regenerates connective tissue, skin collagen fibers and subdermic layers.