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Послуга косметичного відбілювання зубів стає все більш популярною в усьому світі. Гарну білосніжну посмішку бажають мати усі! І доступною для всіх вона стала завдяки методу косметичного освітлення зубів Pearl Smile. Наразі висвітлити зуби можна абсолютно безболісно без пошкодження зубного емалю. Максимальний ефект всього за 21 хвилину. Вартість послуги – дуже демократична, тому кожний може нею скористатися.


Laser skin/mucosae neoplasm removal


Gracia Aesthetic Medicine Clinic offers laser surgery as one of the problem skin/mucosae neoplasm removal methods. The laser ray energy provides the problem neoplasm removing accuracy and safety. Due to the minimum damage of the healthy tissue, healing processes are extremely fast and effective.

Mechanism of action: the laser ray seems to “evaporate” the problem neoplasm tissue. The surgeon selects the “evaporating” tissue part individually and it hardly ever exceeds the human hair diameter size. It means that the laser ray hardly ever damages healthy tissues and the wound rehabilitation and healing is much faster. Any pain, swells, redness or bleeding are brought to the minimum or absent.

Manipulation procedure: the entire manipulation usually lasts for about 10 minutes depending on the neoplasm size and quantity. Local anesthetic (anesthetic cream or injection into the neoplasm base) is applied. If no bleeding or swell appears the patient can go home immediately after the manipulation.

Preparation: Post-manipulation period: no special preparation for the manipulation is needed. But removing warts, papillomas or moles during menstruation is not recommended. You should avoid contact with water during the healing process. The crust formed after you remove the wart, mole or papilloma gets off by itself in 4-7 days.