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         In ancient times, Graces watched the goddess of love, beauty and glamour Aphrodite. They could gift beauty to the girls. Today the center of aesthetic medicine «Grace» looks after your health and beauty and gives you a success.
          If you want to surprise your guests at the party by an unexpected change, or to bring harmony to your appearance and inner world, to caress your body and feel the peace of mind, or just always look good, you need «Grace." Experts of the center of aesthetic medicine "Grace" will offer you all wonders of reincarnation and will delight you with their professional approach and the quality of services provided.


         You will dive deeply into the world of peace and harmony and you will forget about life's troubles, stress, vanity and noise. Specialists of «Grace» have developed effective multipurpose programs for face and body. There is the following for you:   face, neck, décolleté rejuvenation, body correction, elimination of cellulite and excess fat. Experienced doctors -chiropractors will help your body to relax. "Grace» presents the most effective methods of wellness, balanced nutrition and cosmetic care. Injections of beauty in «Grace» are of the world's best products,  the special sterile procedures, and  the most modern technology. Techniques such as mesotherapy, bio-revitalization, Plasmolifting   will substantially improve the structure of your skin. For those who are ready to change and want to experience the essence of healthy life, "Grace" offers healthy way of  meals   and body care. The pleasure of healthy food is to be slim without difficult diets; it means natural beauty and youth.


         The clinic "Grace" also presents the «plastic surgery." Plastic doctor - surgeon will provide you with a professional advice and help you to find answers to your questions. In addition, the plastic surgeon exactly holds the injection "Botox" ("Disport"), he or she will perform contouring and  lip contouring (Restylane, Juvederm).


         An experienced dietitian will diagnose you with the modern device - bioimpedance analyzer and will give an advice on your general state. A qualified dermatologist will carry the digital diagnostic of skin function and will objectively estimate exactly your individual characteristics. It will help you to choose the right methods of skin care, and, if necessary, the effective treatment. "Grace" will be the starting point of your new sense of life, the beginning of a change for the better. Specialists of "Grace" perform laser hair removal with a special cooling system, maximum comfort and long-lasting effect. There are also other numerous and various offers of the   aesthetic medicine center "Grace." Visit and see!


Face Ultrasonic Cleaning is a method of beauty equipment to effectively cleanse the skin and to enhance its metabolism without affecting the integrity of tissues and residual swelling .As a result of high-frequency sound vibrations effect on the face, appear the skin purification of superficial comedos, blockages of the sebaceous glands and dead skin cells epidermis. High-frequency vibrations create the effect of micro-massage, through which metabolism is activated, the production of collagen and elastin is strengthened.

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For surgical correction of age-related changes of the upper 1/3 part of a face   we develop several operations. Currently, the most effective and safe one is front temporal endoscopic facelift. This operation is completed with the help of special equipment, which reduces trauma and the area of the scar to a minimum. The idea of the operation is the forehead tissues unfolding on bone level, lifting the brows above the orbital rim and giving them upstream, that characterizes the face of a young person.

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The fractional photothermolysis or fractional laser rejuvenation are really considered the most effective procedures of the beauty equipment. It is the success of this technique that represents the world's leading clinics of aesthetic medicine. The effect of this procedure is comparable to the effect of plastic surgery. Fractional laser skin rejuvenation is now available  in Chernivtsi, in the clinic of aesthetic medicine "Grace."

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E dermatoscopy is the most modern method of differentiation of skin lesions and early detection of skin cancer. This diagnostic method allows you to get an increased tenfold skin neoplasm photograph of the highest quality. Accuracy of dermatoscopy is almost 100%.  For a few minutes  dermatoscopy allows you to see  the changes that occur in the skin , to correct or to  remove erroneous diagnosis. Dermatoscopy avoids such traumatic research method as a biopsy (histology).

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We are waiting for you at the center of aesthetic medicine, "Grace", where time slows down, and the beauty turns  into art, and magic hands of experts give you the happiness of reincarnation.
          Center for Aesthetic Medicine "Grace" - Health, Beauty, Success.

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