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Botox and Disport injections


Botulinum A-toxin (Botox, Disport) medication injections is the choice method for facial expression wrinkles correction. Due to its high efficiency and low traumatic effect, Botox injections are the most popular beauty manipulation. The medication safety is proved by a great number of researches and long-term application worldwide.

Mechanism of action: early lines appear on the face in the areas of the most active expressions (forehead, glabella area, crows feet). Botox injections selectively block the nerve impulses coming to the facial muscles of expression participating in the most visible wrinkles formation. Botulinum toxin medications are injected in quite a little quantity right in the muscle and never spread over the whole body.

Manipulation procedure: to achieve the best result, the doctor determines the place of injection and the medication quantity before the manipulation. Before the injection, antiseptic is applied on the skin without leaving any traces. Then several injections are made that most patients compare to mosquito bites. The entire manipulation lasts for about 15 minutes. As it involves some skin damage, it is performed in a specially equipped room meeting the highest aseptic and antiseptic standards.

Post-manipulation period: you get back to your regular life right after the manipulation. The day you take it you should avoid active facial expressions and then give up active exercises, staying in hot sun and visits to the sauna for 14 days.

You can notice the first results on the 3rd day. The final results can be seen by the 12th-14th day. That’s the day when you should visit your doctor again for results evaluation and possible correction. The medication effect lasts from 3 to 6 month. The manipulation is performed 1-2 times a year.

The medication effect is rather mild and removes the skin aging traces only like expression wrinkles without changing your facial characteristic features. You face won’t lose your expressiveness and you’ll look fresher and happier.

Indications: horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical glabella wrinkles, expression wrinkles round the eyes (crows feet), radial wrinkles round the lips, bunny lines (when wrinkling your nose), vertical cords in the neck area – platysma drooping correction.

Counter-indications: intolerability to the medication components, pregnancy, lactation.