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Hyperhidrosis treatment


Hyperhidrosis is a disease accompanied with excessive uncontrolled sweat production. The sweat quantity a healthy person produces every day makes 500-1500 ml. A person suffering from hyperhidrosis can produce the same quantity of sweat during 1 hour.

The patients complain about continuous intensive idiopathic sweat production in the armpit, palm or feet areas. Malodorous sweat production (osmidrosis) is especially severe and unpleasant for the patient and the wider public; it results from the sweat combination with bacteria and mycology.

The patients suffering from this problem have to spend a lot of time and efforts trying to hide their hyperhidrosis. Often clothes changes, washing during the day, napkins and pads in the most sweating areas just mask the problem without reducing the sweat production. Intense sweat production can often cause skin irritation and dermatitis. Unpleasant sweat smell, incontinence and restraint have a negative effect over business relations and reduce the quality of the patient’s life.

Classical treatment of local hyperhidrosis:

Disport and Botox medication has become the classical treatment of local hyperhidrosis. This manipulation has been used for 8-9 years and has proved to be efficient and safe.

Mechanism of action: Disport and Botox block the nerve impulse coming to the perspiratory gland blocking the sweat production.

Manipulation procedure: a special test is performed right before the manipulation to show the perspiration intensity in this specific area. After anesthetic cream application the doctor makes a number of intradermal injections in the problem area. Like any other injection therapy, this manipulation is performed in Gracia Aesthetic Clinic in a specially prepared sterile manipulation room. You get back to your regular way of life immediately after the manipulation that lasts for about 30 minutes.

Results. Post-manipulation period: you can observe the first medication influence on the 2nd-3rd day. The final result can be evaluated by the end of the first week. You should not visit sauna during the first week after the manipulation. The effect lasts for 6-9 month.

Fractional radio-wave treatment of excessive perspiration

It’s innovative for both our clinic and Ukraine. This method was developed by our partners – the Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine, Laser and Aesthetic Surgery of Jurgen Kirsten in Berlin. They presented this method in April 2013 at the World Congress of Anti-Age Medicine in Monaco.

The advantages of fractional radio-wave treatment of hyperhidrosis:

  • Fractional radio-wave treatment of hyperhidrosis means a stable long-lasting result that can be compared to surgery and laser treatment;
  • Fractional radio-wave treatment of hyperhidrosis means the combination of great results and comfortable post-manipulation period;
  • Lower treatment cost as compared to classical methods.

Indications: hyperhidrosis of natural folds, palm-foot hyperhidrosis.

Counter-indications: pregnancy, lactation

Mechanism of action: special equipment helps radio-wave energy to influence the perspiration gland directly. As a result, the gland gradually stops sweat production. Other tissues are not affected.

Manipulation procedure: a special test is performed right before the manipulation to show the perspiration intensity in this specific area. To make the manipulation painless, local anesthesia is performed or anesthetic cream is applied. Then special equipment is used to treat the problem area or areas. The entire manipulation lasts for about 30 minutes. To get rid of hyperhidrosis you’ll need 3-4 manipulations. The interval between the manipulations makes 1-1.5 months.

Post-manipulation period: your skin may feel dry in the treated area during 1-2 days after the manipulation. You should not visit sauna during 7 days and keep away from solarium during 2.5-3 weeks after the manipulation.