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Abdominoplasty is the surgery aimed at correcting the abdomen contours deformations. Excessive skin and subcutaneous fat caused by pregnancy, hormone disruptions or overweight change the body appearance on the whole and abdomen area in particular. These changes are very difficult to correct by diets and physical exercises.

What kind of surgery is it? Overstretched skin and excessive subcutaneous fat are removed during abdominoplasty.

Like in any other surgery, the treatment tactics is selected individually.

Preparation for the surgery: you have to pass the following examination: electrocardiography, fibrogastroduodenoscopy, ultrasonography of abdominal cavity organs. You have to undergo the following medical tests: complete blood count, clinical urine analysis, blood chemistry, coagulogram, heart rhythm disturbance. You have to present the photofluorogram for the last year.

You arrive at the hospital the day before the surgery.

The manipulation lasts from 1 to 3 hours under general or spinal anesthesia. After that, the patient stays at the intensive care ward under the regular medical supervision. On the second day after the surgery, the patient is taken to the recovery ward to bandage the wounds and take prescribed medications.

The patient stays at the hospital for 10-12 days.

You should use special compression underwear during 2 month after the surgery.

You can see the final surgery results in 2-3 months.