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Augmentation mammoplasty


Augmentation mammoplasty or breast endoprothesis is the most popular operation in aesthetic surgery.

In this article, I’ll try to answer the most popular question asked by the women who are thinking about such surgery.

Breast endoprothesis allows to increase the breast size, to change its shape to some extent and correct the expressed asymmetry.

What is an implant (endoprothesis)? It’s a high-tech product consisting of a capsule and the filler. Endoprothesis capsule is made of the material that does not cause any tissue rejection. The main filler function is to support additional volume and natural breast shape and structure (flexibility, elasticity).

What types of endoprothesis exist? They differ in shape, volume, projection and quality…

Shape: there are round and anatomic implants. It’s impossible to say for sure which one is better. Anatomic implants are developed to preserve the natural breast shape after augmentation. The main disadvantage is that it can move round its axis in post-surgery period. It causes the breast deformation and the necessity of another manipulation. Round implants can be successfully used for moderate breast augmentation with the well-expressed own tissues. The change of this implant position does not cause any deformation but when you use a very large implant it’s practically impossible to achieve its natural shape.

Volume: every implant manufacturer offers a lot of variants. The implant volume ranges from 100 to 800 ml. And here one should come down to earth and assess your own tissue abilities. Any implant must be well-covered with your own skin and breast tissue. It means that a large implant can’t sometimes be covered with these tissues. The best result is mostly achieved with the 200-400 ml implants. That’s enough to make your breast 1-2 sizes bigger.

Projection: it’s an extremely important characteristic that people hardly every pay attention to when thinking over this problem for the first time. The correct projection choice is as important as the breast volume as it’s the parameter your breast shape depends on. Like with the implant volume, manufacturers offer a wide range of implants for this characteristic.

Quality: the quality of implants offered at our market is quite high. In fact, one has to choose between high-quality and the highest-quality products. Europe and USA have been using most implants for a long time. That is very important as it’s quite difficult to receive the marketing permit for them there. In fact, it means that the manufacturing company conducted exhaustive long-term research of the product safety.

How can I choose the right implant? You do that while visiting your plastic surgeon.

How will the endoprothesis influence my future life? There aren’t any restrictions for you after the post-surgery period. You can do sports, fly or do anything you used to before the surgery. Lactation might be the problem. A lot of research was conducted and proved that endoprothesis doesn’t affect lactation process and the breast milk quality. On the other hand, lactation can have some effect on endoprothesis itself. The matter is that the implant infecting chance is much bigger during lactation. Thus, you can come to the conclusion that you’d better have the surgery after the planned pregnancy and lactation.

What implants do you use in your clinic? We use Natrelle (mcghan), Mentor and Polytech implants.

How long is the surgery and rehabilitation period? What are the restrictions for the rehabilitation period? The manipulation lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Before the surgery, you should pass the medical examination and undergo all the necessary tests to estimate your organism condition and exclude all the contradictions. You mustn’t eat anything since the morning on the surgery day. The manipulation is performed under general anesthesia. You stay at the hospital for 1-4 days after the surgery. The stitches are removed on the 7-10th day. The swell and painful feelings disappear in 2 weeks. You should wear compression underwear for 2 month as well as restrict all the physical activity especially that is connected with hands raising.

What are the contradictions for the surgery? Serious concurrent conditions including oncology, severe diabetes, general inflammations, pregnancy and lactation are contradictions for mammoplasty.

What can be the arguments for choosing your clinic?

1) Our specialists have passed the long way while studying this surgery in the best Ukrainian, Russian and European clinics and have a good experience in it.

2) We can organize consultations and develop a special surgery tactic in cooperation with the leasing European, Russian and Ukrainian specialists.

3) You can undergo the surgery in the best European, Russian and Ukrainian hospitals with the participation of our specialists and then have further post-surgery examination in our clinic;

4) We use a special air sterilization system that is unique for the Western Ukraine;

5) We apply the best and most modern surgery techniques and methods;

6) Our clinic has a powerful beauty and post-plastic surgery rehabilitation basis.