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Послуга косметичного відбілювання зубів стає все більш популярною в усьому світі. Гарну білосніжну посмішку бажають мати усі! І доступною для всіх вона стала завдяки методу косметичного освітлення зубів Pearl Smile. Наразі висвітлити зуби можна абсолютно безболісно без пошкодження зубного емалю. Максимальний ефект всього за 21 хвилину. Вартість послуги – дуже демократична, тому кожний може нею скористатися.


Combined skin care


When performing combined skin treatment, we apply effective combinations of different methods that allows to have better chances for success in solving your problems.

Let us bring an example: a 40-year old lady applied with her facial skin aging problems, i.e. the surface minor wrinkles in periorbital (round the eyes) and nasolabial areas, moderate tissue ptosis (flagging) in the cheekbone area. We suggested biorevitalization injection method and radio-frequency thermolifting method to solve this problem that brought to great results.

Manipulation log:

  1. Ial-System biorevitalization of the facial skin;
  2. 2 weeks after: skin radio-frequency thermolifting;
  3. A week after: Ial-System skin biorevitalization;
  4. 2 weeks after: skin radio-frequency thermolifting;
  5. A week after: Ial-System skin biorevitalization;
  6. 2 weeks after: skin radio-frequency thermolifting;
  7. A week after: Ial-System skin biorevitalization;
  8. 2 weeks after: skin radio-frequency thermolifting;

We also successfully apply other combinations to solve the skin aging problems:

Fractional laser regeneration and biorevitalization combination

Biorevitalization is the first manipulation and fractional laser regeneration is performed 2 weeks after. After the skin is completely regenerated (in about 3-4 weeks), biorevitalization is performed and fractional laser regeneration manipulation is repeated in 2 weeks. The entire regeneration course consists of 3-4 method combination cycles.

Botulinum toxin therapy, contour plastic surgery and biorevitalization combination

We can advise the combination of botulinum toxin therapy (Botox and Disport medicines) and contour plastic surgery (Restylane and Juviderm medicines) for facial expression wrinkles and tissue volume losses correction. Contour plastic surgery should be performed 2-3 weeks after the expression wrinkles correction (Botox, Distort). Combination with biorevitalization allows to achieve longer time effect.

Botulinum toxin therapy and biorevitalization

When your skin looses its flexibility and tonus, when it is dehydrated (dry) and has some expression wrinkles, we apply the following therapy methods: biorevitalization (once a fortnight, 3-4 manipulations), botulinum toxin therapy in 3-4 weeks after the first treatment method.

For those who aren’t ready for injection methods but are longing for something new, we suggest a combination of two great manipulations – facial massage that will bring both aesthetic changes and mental satisfaction and non-injection mesotheraphy that will feed your skin with all the necessary substances like vitamins and minerals.

Before you take any of these complexes, we recommend ultrasonic face cleaning.

For the pigmented facial skin, we offer several therapy combinations:

The combination of the surface chemical peeling and mesotherapy (medicine mixtures injection): the peeling is performed once a fortnight with the mesotherapy between the peeling manipulations. These method combination allows to achieve the best results.

The combination of biorevitalization and the surface chemical peeling: biorevitalization is performed once a fortnight and the peeling – every 10 days after biorevitalization.

Thus, the correct manipulation combination allows to achieve better results than the application of one of the following methods. Our clients can be satisfied with the good long-lasting result and feel happy.