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Послуга косметичного відбілювання зубів стає все більш популярною в усьому світі. Гарну білосніжну посмішку бажають мати усі! І доступною для всіх вона стала завдяки методу косметичного освітлення зубів Pearl Smile. Наразі висвітлити зуби можна абсолютно безболісно без пошкодження зубного емалю. Максимальний ефект всього за 21 хвилину. Вартість послуги – дуже демократична, тому кожний може нею скористатися.




Biorevitalization is the method allowing to make skin elastic, flexible, having healthy complexion and uniform structure, to get rid of small lines and make deep wrinkles less noticeable. Besides, biorevitalization is an effective method for atrophic scar, linear atrophy and acne scar treatment.

Mechanism of action: hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural skin and connective tissue component. With the aging process, its content in the tissues reduces that results in the skin dryness, derma thinning, wrinkles appearing and less skin elasticity. Biorevitalization method consists in HA micro-injections in the skin superlayers. Thus, the skin connective tissue skeleton is saturated with hyaluronic acid, the connective tissue cell synthesis is activated and skin micro-circulation is improved.

Manipulation procedure: before starting the manipulation, the doctor specifies the medicine that is the best for your skin. Anesthetic cream is applied on the skin 25 minutes before the manipulation starts. The manipulation feels quite comfortable and can be compared to the mosquito bite. As it involves the skin damage, it is performed in the specially equipped room that meets all the aseptic and antiseptic standards.

Post-manipulation period: you can get back to your regular life immediately after the manipulation. Like with all the other injections, intradermic hemorrhage, swells or rubeosis may appear during the first days after the manipulation. They disappear during 2-5 days. The first days after the manipulation you should avoid physical exercises, visits to the sauna or staying in the open sun. The maximum effect is achieved after 2-6 manipulation course (depending on the skin type).

Indications for biorevitalization: skin tonus reduction; dry aging skin, expression wrinkles, unhealthy completion (“smoker’s skin”), dehydrated skin, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, skin preparation and rehabilitation before cosmetic surgery, chemical pealing and laser resurfacing manipulations.

Counter-indications: acute inflammations in injection areas, coagulation failures, pregnancy and lactation, acute somatic diseases, oncology.

Ial-system and Ial-system ACP medicines are the golden biorevitalization standard. They are officially certified for application in aesthetic medicine in Ukraine. Ial-system is the most researched medicine in the world that is certified with a great number of publications worldwide. Its unique parameters have a different effect as compared to HA medical substances and allow to ensure and anticipate the effect.